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November 2013: Info from the EAST-ADL Open Workshop October 24th (See Invitation)

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EAST-ADL Open Workshop


The MAENAD project has recently organized an open workshop together with EAST-ADL Association. The purpose was to describe EAST-ADL, show concrete examples of its usage along with various tools that support EAST-ADL and assist, automate and rationalise part of the system design process. The workshop also discussed and shared experiences on industrial deployment of EAST-ADL and development of automotive systems.
Hosted by Volvo GTT/ATR in Gothenburg, the workshop attracted around 40 participants. Three formats were included, a set of plenary presentations, a walk-around session with tool demos and a panel discussion.


The plenary presentations covered the overall methodology and use of EAST-ADL for system specification followed by presentations of modelling support for various analysis techniques. In a final block, analysis algorithms and tools were presented.


The tool demo was combined with lunch, and gave opportunities for discussions and trials or demos of various tools. 9 stations represented tooling for modelling, analysis and synthesis based on EAST-ADL.


In the concluding panel discussion, the role and benefits of model-based engineering was discussed, and in particular the use of an ontology that integrates multiple engineering aspects. Various questions about the history of EAST-ADL, which dates back to 2002, and the future were discussed. The panelists agreed that an integrated information model such as EAST-ADL is definitely in need even today and that the EAST-ADL provides a concise and quite complete overview of the relevant information for the automotive electronics domain. In the early 2000s computer science has experienced a paradigm shift from methods to languages and the panel expects that even in near future the language focus will be predominant. The most important challenge is the management of the sheer mass of information that is produced today. So automatic management and understanding of the information is necessary, otherwise even the best information model becomes useless.


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There is a white paper, describing the EAST-ADL modeling concepts, methodology and relations to other modeling languages. An example model is also included in this white paper. It is available on the website, under ”MAENAD Presentations”:


The EAST-ADL Association is open to anyone involved in EAST-ADL modeling or definition. See

There is also the LinkedIn EAST-ADL group for discussions, and an EAST-ADL channel on YouTube.




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